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Advertising and Marketing


Heating, Power, Manufacturing Industries


Chemical and Petroleum Industries

We Understand Your Engineered Product or Service for:

Engineering, Instrumentation, Electric Drives, Turbine/Generators, Transformers, Cooling Tower, Chillers, Condensers/Heat Exchangers, Tank Erectors, Inspections, Welders, Manufacturers, Piping, Steam Traps, Steam & Condensate Systems Pumps, FEA, Boilers, Combustors, Burners, Fans, Water Treatment, Electrical Distribution, and more, but we hope you get the point. We know your market, product and service.

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Branding: Make People Think of Your Brand

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Good Branding Puts Your Brand or Company in the Front of a Decision-Maker’s Mind for a Purchase either Months from Now or Years in the Future. It also leads to sales leads, but this is not the primary purpose, so if you are seeking only sales leads, then brand advertising maynot work, for sales leads is a secondary benefit of branding, but still important.

Good branding makes your brand or company the leader in a crowded field of other brands or companies vying for your potential or existing client's attention. 

One advertiser's experience: Increased Market Share by Gaining Back an Old Customer that Lead to a Sales Call and Order.

An invitation to the buyer's table to negotiate potential sales from $1,000s to $100s millions in any of these: Systems sale, Capital Equipment, Upgrades & Modifications, Repairs or Capital Project becomes easier now with a recognized brand that thinks forward by brand advertising.

Print Media - verses - Our Network - verses - Online Store Click Sales

We have very-targeted readers, our network is unique with superior branding power. Unlike, print media we have volumes of information going back over a decade of information, all accessible without fees. Advertising pays for all costs and readers are grateful for your brand's support.  Also, our market is not based on commodity sales known as (including big box stores like Amazon) online stores that use click conversions such as: Every 10-clicks a $25 online store item is sold that day, for that model is completely incompatible as you have already comprehended.

Below is a chart using the Rubic method of evaluation. As you can see, Print Media Trade Magazines will always have a place for advertizers. 'Direct Response Advertising' used by on-line stores have to apeal to the masses with instant pay per clicks with direct sales conversions. 'Direct Response Advertising' uses pay per click because that is how their sales conversions work and their brand strenght can be said to be as good as today's special sale or shipping discount or discount by store membership.

Brand Loyalty verses Impact

Our network works hard for you building brand loyalty with a big impact to our readers to promote your BRAND's image with placements for full coverage on part of the network or full network placement at $14.5k per month.

We measure brand impression (simlar to Google's impression measurement) and will pitch your Brand image at a rate of 23.5 cents per brand impression for postions on the post and discussion-tree pages. You can expect your brand to receive over 50k brand impression in a month and peak months of 65k.

Our network can accommodate full-width ads, 1/2-ads, 1/3-ads and 1/4-ads. Combinations of advertisement space sizes can be arranged, which requires planning and schedules to reserve the ad spaces with payment advanced.

Our brand impression fees above do not include our graphic artists, layout, taglines, or campaign work and you should budget reasonably between $4k and $9k for them each ad.  Our recommendation is (3) three-ads for each position and should you go beyond three-months then consider additional campaign artwork and layouts to maximize your brands exposure

Send your check today!  All advertising and marketing is paid in advance. Don’t miss being invited to your client or future client's table because they forgot you.  Be the leader they will remember and be part of their capital project.  Tomorrow’s clients are your future.


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